The depth of our medicine lies within the potency of our being. The time has come to remember our innate wisdom and connect with the cyclical nature of this beautiful planet we call home.

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This is an embodiment of both Kelsey and Kendall’s journeys, learnings and experiences. They have pulled together some of the most powerful parts from both their own unraveling’s and re-embodiments. Bringing modalities and knowledge they've been taught after collectively investing over $70,000 in their paths, to create a sacred journey unlike any other.

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Earth School is a culmination of the seen and the unseen - a place for the soul who is dedicated to rising so they can more greatly impact the world around us. For those dedicated to their growth, connection, and a collective remembering of older ways of being. So that we may re-embody what it means to be a community and caretakers.

For those who know we are divinely connected to the earth, and that for any true change to occur people must re-envision and develop an intimate relationship with the earth and its cycles. And by remembering and embodying this potency on all levels, we can create ripple effects.

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