Earth School is a culmination of the seen and the unseen - a place for the soul who is dedicated to rising so they can more greatly impact the world around us. For those dedicated to their growth, connection, and a collective remembering of older ways of being.
So that we may re-embody what it means to be a community and caretakers.

For those who know we are divinely connected to the earth,
and that for any true change to occur people must re-envision and develop an intimate relationship with the earth and its cycles.
And by remembering and embodying this potency on all levels, we can create ripple effects.

This is for leaders, healers, passionate beings, visionaries, and dreamers alike.


welcome to

• Curriculum and video trainings

• 2 Live Activation Calls per month

• 2 Three Day In-Person Intensives (The first is June 12-14th, the second is in March 2021)

• Exclusive Access to The Earth School community Facebook Group for support, mentorship, and magic!

• 5% of your cost will go to the LEONARDO DICAPRIO FOUNDATION under any eco system that you feel most passionate to support. We believe that if we can consciously circulate money and dive into the healing work- we will all be able to shift and raise the vibration of this beautiful planet!


one year access to

When we remember, heal and align with the energy of the earth’s cycles and our own - we heal those around us (and our ancestral lines), impact and inspire the collective, and can live with less resistance and more flow (in life, relationships, and business success).

Our modern society has a disconnection to the earth, the seasons and cycles that our ancestors lived by. Instead, we see a hustle mentality and resistance that can even manifest physically in the body as stress, pain, illness, and impact us on the other 3 levels of growth (mental, emotional, and spiritual).

When we connect back and remember our roots, the practices of those who came before us, and how to align back with the rhythms and cycles of the earth, we can tune into our own inner cycles and find much more connection, joy, ease, vitality, creative expression, and even fulfillment, purpose, and success.

Any gender, any identity, any age.

To us, the physical identities don’t matter, and having different energies come together feels important.

Ultimately, this is for leaders, healers, visionaries, dreamers, change-makers, personal development junkies, seekers, magicians, witches, and the like.

If you feel called to this, this is for you.

Here is a glimpse at what we will dive into, the curriculum is in no way limited to this because we believe in the importance of tuning into what’s going on in the collective and what we are guided to share. Since this is a seasonally based program, we expand on, channel, and create the curriculum fresh before the start of each season, so it is as relevant as possible to the current energy!

• The Celtic Wheel of the Year - ceremonies, rituals, sabbats

• Aligning energetically with the earth’s seasonal cycles and lunar cycles, including the more practical ways in this modern society

• Tuning into your inner cycles and how to align them with those of the Earth for less resistance, less stress and hustle, and more MAGIC (all sexes have internal energetic cycles, so this applies to everyone!)

• Tuning your Intuition and Inner Guidance ~ deepening your connection to Spirit

• EMBODIMENT - unlocking the potent energy and ancient wisdom within - to be your own healer and step into your authentic leadership

• Earth Connection and Plant Communication ~ slowing waaaay down to the pace of nature, so you can hear it “speak". And guiding through some basic folk herbalism practices.

• Experience ceremony spaces, expand your ritual practices, and treat every day like a ritual!

• Nourishment for the body, like yoga and movement, sound healing, and breathwork

• Energy attunement, maintenance and protection

• Working with God/Goddess archetypes as they align with the seasonal shifts

• Reconnecting with Ancient Ways and Earth Magic to we-awaken your path as a healer and a light for the collective

• Collective growth and how to create ripple effects on the communities around us ~ including a community-focused project towards the end of the year


a guide to EARTH SCHOOL

Earth School Intensive: JUNE 12-14TH
Celebratory Intensive: March 2021

Oz Farm is hidden in a quiet, private valley on one of the most pristine stretches of the scenic Mendocino County coast, 130 miles north of San Francisco. Bordered with redwood forest, and with the Garcia River running through its 240 acres, Oz Farm is blessed with tranquility, fresh air and clear water. Oz Farm is 'off-the-grid', using solar and wind power for all its operations. Oz Farm is located on the traditional land of the Pomo People.

You will receive three (3) clean, nourishing meals each day that will include all dietary needs provided. More details to come!

• Plant walks
• Rituals
• Yoga
• Somatic Healing Therapies
• Community Circle
• Connection to Earth's magic
• Embodying the Earth School Program
• Celebration of Litha Summer Solstice


a three day retreat